Earth 4 Everyone T-shirt

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Earth 4 Everyone is a logo we created to try and do our little part in the global movement to end racism.

This beautiful planet we all live on and the sports we all participate in should never be based on race. We want to acknowledge that we as a company are on the side of those fighting for a long overdue change, to help stop the over-policing, brutality, and frankly hate that has become embedded into our world. This a small token of our support in this movement, we are hoping that you wear this shirt while you protest, wear it with pride but most importantly wear this shirt if you're against racism and support the end of racism.

Half of your purchase of these shirts will be donated to Black Lives Matter Vancouver, we know it isn't much but we feel it is the best way we knew how to try and play a minuet role in ending racism and police brutality. Purchase with confidence knowing your new shirt is also going to a much needed cause.

Ring spun cotton blend t-shirt with large logo screen printed on the front, small box logo screen printed on sleeve.

Screen printing by 4westco.

* Please refer to the size chart provided or let us know if you are unsure or have any questions regarding fit!