Athlete Collab. Rudy Lépine Foraging T-shirt

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Our first ever athlete design of many! Designed by the man himself Rudy Lépine. 

Back of the shirt has a large screen printed graphic designed by Rudy, uniting 4west with power of nature & mushrooms, use your foraging t-shirt while hunting for mushrooms in the wilderness to help identify what you find.

4West logo on the sleeve is also designed by Rudy, with mushrooms sprouting from the letters.

Screen printed on 100% recycled cotton t-shirts , zero dyes & zero water usage, compared to the 3000 litres used in the production of just one regular dyed tee. PS. this is the equivalent to a 50 minute shower! 

Each shirt comes with a unique one of a kind 35mm photo taken by Rudy on his adventures, signed and dated by Rudy himself. 

Half of the profits from these shirts will go to the rider who designed the artwork.

All screen printing done by 4westco. 


* Please refer to the size chart provided or let us know if you are unsure or have any questions regarding fit!